Thursday, July 22, 2010


Aicha's family moves to Denmark, where she is hoping to continue in her studies in kung fu. Her father opposes this, coming from a conservative Muslim background, resisting because she would train with boys. Aicha secretly continues, working with a native boy who doesn't understand her culture, while confronting a fighter from her own. Her family's traditions, standing, and future are all put on the line by her pursuit of what she loves.

Babe, one of the things I loved about this movie is the perspective is from a girl. The focus isn't on the fighting, but her passions. The uneasy romance, the tension between family and kung fun, the voices of culture, teacher, and siblings all pulling her into many directions.

The conflict is felt by everyone is someone, thus the movie touches inside. Aicha's struggle is our own...pushed and pulled, determining whether we will give in to or stand up to what we fight.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wise Woman

Rosamund is a spoiled girl, until the wise woman whisks her away to her cottage and begins to teach her how a young princess should really be. Through the Woman's magic, she trades places with Agnes, a shepherdess who suffers from the same selfish attitudes as Rosamund. Each girl learns how her emotions and self-centeredness binds her. Their only freedom will be found in overcoming themselves through the wisdom of the woman who can bring them to that change.

There is a gentle magic in this story, Girl. Two girls so different and yet so much the same, and the wise woman knows just how to twist and change them to the good. I like how the wise woman almost floats through the story, never knowing how she will be. You have this wonderful ethical center in your childrens books. They speak with a creative spirit that I find often in you. You are your own unique wise woman and every Rosamund and Agnes you touch is never the same.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Silver Metal Lover

Jane lives in a world where the ultimate robots have been created. Silver skinned, amazing in mental and physical skills, she takes one into her life, a robot called Silver. A minstrel, he sings to her and loves her in a more and more human way. Her passion grows for him, despite their differences and the unconventional nature of their relationship they make a total commitment, one to the other. Their culture is not as kind, creating a tension as they seek to stay together and follow their romance in every way they are able. Some try to convince Jane that Silver cannot love her, but no one can show the difference between him and anything human.

Girl, this book intrigued me. It raises the questions of the nature of love and its relationships. I was with Jane the entire book. I believed in Silver. I could understand how their love grew for each other and how they committed despite the opposition of those around them. When I read a book like this, it makes me more intense in my feelings for you, because I can relate. I never find myself feeling less for you, only more. And the longer I know you, the stronger that hold. I believe so fully in you and just as Silver sought to know Jane completely, I want to know you.

4 stars

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Remains of the Day

Stevens is a butler. First his father served Lord Darlington and now he does. Many years of his service were spent with Miss Kenton, the housekeeper. The story is set towards the end of Stevens' life as he reflects on his former master and the romantic feelings between himself and Miss Kenton, which neither ever acted upon. Stevens loyalty to the house and Lord prevented him from pursuing Miss Kenton. Now years later he reminisces, driving to a meeting with her. However, his heart still lies with his service. He never tells her how he feels.

Girl, here is guy who is loyal. But I wanted him to be loyal to Miss Kenton. I liked this book, however, it kept me on the edge of frustration as I wanted him to pursue her. He can't separate himself from his service. He moves closer to her throughout the book, but he can't break convention. I wanted him to tell her how he felt. He had every means to pursue her and yet doesn't. He had every chance to move his commitment to her and still be everything he needed to be. I am torn by him. He lets her leave.

I couldn't let you go like that. I wish sometimes I could let you feel my commitment to you. My soul is bound so tight to yours.

4 stars

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Vanishing

A couple take a cycling vacation in France, while traveling they run out of gas and Rex leaves Saskia behind in a dark tunnel. When he returns he finds her upset and vows to never abandon her again. While getting drinks at a gas station, Rex waits in the car, but Saskia never returns. For three years, Rex searches, forsaking all to find her. His new girlfriend leaves him over the obsession, then Raymond a college professor appears promising to reveal everything to Rex if he will do as Raymond asks.

Girl, I once watched this film in the middle of the night and still remember the experience. It is a terrifying movie, with no guns, knives, mythological creatures, only a madman and another man consumed with his love. Rex loves Saskia and his loyalty to her consumes him. He cannot give up his search or forget her. His ultimate sacrifice is being willing to experience what she did, in a wild hope that somehow this will bring her to him.

Rex's passion for Saskia captures me. He remembers every detail about Saskia. He can still retrace her steps on that last day. He can't give her up, she is part of him. I feel the same about you. Each detail is important, the look in your eyes is something I can never forget. And I will never abandon you, I love you that much.

4 stars

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Others

Grace Stewart is raising her two children in her country manor, while her husband is off at war. Adding to her stress is a disease each of her children have that does not allow them to be exposed to sunlight. Three new servants come to the house, as Grace's daughter, Anne begins to have visions of other people in the house. Each person begins to realize they live in the house alone. The servants hold a great secret, which Grace attempts to uncover before something unthinkable happens to her children or perhaps something unthinkable already has.

Girl, I've watched this film a few times since you suggested it. Of course it loses the twist after the first viewing, but there is something gripping about the characters. The mother is an odd mixture of security, love, and instability. I like Anne the best, unbelieved by her mother, shunned by her brother, and secretly believed by the servants for seeing ghosts. The story unwinds its secrets slowly and in a way that compels me to watch, even though I know the answers. Mothers are protection. The horror comes from a mother you can't trust.

You are so good with are everything this mother is not.

4 stars

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monsieur Hire

Monsieur Hire is an unassuming tailor by day, disliked by his neighbors for his terse, quiet personality. By night, he is the quiet voyeur, watching every movement of his neighbor Alice. When a young woman is murdered, suspicion is cast on Hire. As Alice discovers his watching, a bizarre romance begins. However, someone is a killer and the police are determined to catch the perpetrator. Monsieur Hire is the key.

Babe, I like how this movie slowly turns, casting doubt on each character, until even the truth leaves one unsure of the story's outcome. Hire's obsession drives the film. I love many of the little scenes in the film: how Alice's says her boyfriend kisses like her a man, how Hire cannot stop looking at Alice, how Hire touches her and she closes her eyes. He knows everything about her. She has him and knows it which is both the romance and the danger in the story.

I watch you and take in everything I can about you. The more I see, the more I love you.

3 stars