Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mio My Son

Bosse is a boy adopted by parents who don't like children, who discovers one day he is the child of a King and his real name is Mio. A genie brings him to his true home, where he is loved by his father and given the powerful horse, Miramis. Mio learns his fate is to rescue some of the kingdom's children from Kato, a dark knight who has kidnapped them. With his horse and new friend Jum-Jum, he sets out with the love of his father in his heart, the hope of a kingdom, and the power to defeat the evil which threatens the kingdom.

Girl, this story in a very powerful way for me is your heart. I loved Mio and found my feelings for him match some of my love for you. He has a pure heart, an unending loyalty, a determination to do whatever he can for those he loves. I see those same things in you. I had no doubt as to the outcome of the story, however, I trembled at each danger and celebrated with each of Mio's victories. I wanted to take him in my arms and hug him, then bring him home.

I want to do that with you also, and much more.

5 stars

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Mary is entrapped in a religious order which controls her world, in a romance with a man she doesn't love, and in a village surrounded by zombies. She dreams of leaving the village and finding the sea. Surrounding her is the secrets of her world. There is the secret of why her true love has not come for her, how the Sisterhood is truly related to the world, and the mysterious path which leaves the village. A single scratch can change one from the living to the living dead. Mary is caught in the turmoil of a world which can destroy her in so many ways.

Girl, some books wrap around me within pages, as did this book. The plot seesaws back and forth, leaving one to never know who to trust, who to love, and what Mary should do. Travis intrigued and infuriated me as I puzzled over his relationship with Mary. He seemed to love and hate her, until his true heart revealed itself towards the end. Cass was an enigma also, changing her loyalties midstream. There are so many questions I still have about Gabrielle as she streaked with red along the fence pursuing Mary as passionately as any lover. The book refuses to answer all its questions, as it should. The end wasn't strong for me, but that is often the case of a book which wants to have a sequel.

Mary held my gaze until the end, but not nearly as much as you hold mine.

4 stars

The Minus Man

Vann is a serial killer, who thinks he is innocent. He sees himself as the one who brings peace to those in pain. He abhors violence and strange people. He makes no plans, but acts whenever he believes he receives a sign to kill. He moves into the small community by the sea. He takes a job delivering mail, living with a troubled couple, and beginning a romance with a co-worker. Each person risks becoming his next victim.

The best villain never realizes he is a villain. Girl, this type of guy scares the crap out of me. He walks through life with a weird sense of justice and an aura of innocence which makes him hard to perceive as killer. You want to like him, even though you know from the beginning he is the evil core of the story. You want to tell his victims to run from him and yet there is a power about such a person that makes you curious to know them. The movie contains the best small twists, never going exactly where you would expect it.

4 stars

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Dreams May Come

When Chris dies, he finds himself in heaven, but still very much in love with Annie. When Annie's grief overwhelms her, she commits suicide and is trapped in hell. Despite warnings that she can never be rescued, Chris embarks on a descent into hell to bring her to heaven and will give everything to save her.

Girl, this movie surrounds me always. I've watched it over and over. Visually it overwhelms me. Emotionally, it captures me and even thinking about it, makes me enter into the feelings it brought up inside me. I tried to read the book, but it meant so little and was dry.

I feel about you as Chris did about Annie. He couldn't stop thinking of her or wanting to be with her. I have that same strong connection to you. I sometimes wish my thoughts could touch you, even when you aren't here. I understand how he could not bear to know she was suffering, I struggle when you even have a headache wishing I could take it from you. I seek after you and if we were Chris and Annie, I would give everything to find you. This story makes me want to wrap myself tight around you and never let you go.

5 stars

Right Behind You

Kip hides a terrible secret, growing up he burnt a playmate to death. His life has become a journey now, from town to town, trying to begin a new life, only to move when his secret is found out. He appears to be a great guy, and he is, however, his past taints every relationship when it is discovered. He lands in the town he believes is his last chance. He meets a girl named Sam and just when things are going Kip's way, his secret leaks out.

Babe, this book puzzled me at first. I couldn't figure out the title and what it had to do with anything. What I did find enjoyable was the character's of Kip and Sam. I liked how Kip was human and not the monster his earlier crime made him out to be. Sam was also well developed, making a realistic pastor's daughter. The dance between their characters as they learned about each other and what they both wanted in their lives, made the book engaging. I read it in one sitting. I found myself tracking with Kip's moods and depressed almost at the end as things appeared to be a disappointing ending.

I know what the title means now and I just want you to know, "I'm right behind you."

4 stars

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Dark Beyond the Stars

Sparrow awakens after a fall to find himself without a past and in a desperate game to find out what is being hidden from him onboard the inter-generational ship, Astron. As layers of his past are revealed, his relationship with crew members change as his knowledge will decide the balance of power and the destiny of the crew.

Girl, I find you have a way of discovering the sexy side of power. Sparrow draws people to himself, including me, as I was won over to his side in his struggle to regain his true self. I like the setting, the gritty world of the ship, the loyalty of crew which is tested, and the love people begin to give Sparrow.

There are some people who you want to know, Sparrow is a character I'm pulled towards. For me it was never if he won or lost his bid to take the crew where he wanted, but simply the magnetic pull of wanting to be around someone like him and part of what he attempted. The book presents what I like about leadership.

As sure as Sparrow was of his place to lead, I'm that assured of how I love you.

4 stars