Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monsieur Hire

Monsieur Hire is an unassuming tailor by day, disliked by his neighbors for his terse, quiet personality. By night, he is the quiet voyeur, watching every movement of his neighbor Alice. When a young woman is murdered, suspicion is cast on Hire. As Alice discovers his watching, a bizarre romance begins. However, someone is a killer and the police are determined to catch the perpetrator. Monsieur Hire is the key.

Babe, I like how this movie slowly turns, casting doubt on each character, until even the truth leaves one unsure of the story's outcome. Hire's obsession drives the film. I love many of the little scenes in the film: how Alice's says her boyfriend kisses like her a man, how Hire cannot stop looking at Alice, how Hire touches her and she closes her eyes. He knows everything about her. She has him and knows it which is both the romance and the danger in the story.

I watch you and take in everything I can about you. The more I see, the more I love you.

3 stars

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