Friday, January 22, 2010

The Others

Grace Stewart is raising her two children in her country manor, while her husband is off at war. Adding to her stress is a disease each of her children have that does not allow them to be exposed to sunlight. Three new servants come to the house, as Grace's daughter, Anne begins to have visions of other people in the house. Each person begins to realize they live in the house alone. The servants hold a great secret, which Grace attempts to uncover before something unthinkable happens to her children or perhaps something unthinkable already has.

Girl, I've watched this film a few times since you suggested it. Of course it loses the twist after the first viewing, but there is something gripping about the characters. The mother is an odd mixture of security, love, and instability. I like Anne the best, unbelieved by her mother, shunned by her brother, and secretly believed by the servants for seeing ghosts. The story unwinds its secrets slowly and in a way that compels me to watch, even though I know the answers. Mothers are protection. The horror comes from a mother you can't trust.

You are so good with are everything this mother is not.

4 stars

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