Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Vanishing

A couple take a cycling vacation in France, while traveling they run out of gas and Rex leaves Saskia behind in a dark tunnel. When he returns he finds her upset and vows to never abandon her again. While getting drinks at a gas station, Rex waits in the car, but Saskia never returns. For three years, Rex searches, forsaking all to find her. His new girlfriend leaves him over the obsession, then Raymond a college professor appears promising to reveal everything to Rex if he will do as Raymond asks.

Girl, I once watched this film in the middle of the night and still remember the experience. It is a terrifying movie, with no guns, knives, mythological creatures, only a madman and another man consumed with his love. Rex loves Saskia and his loyalty to her consumes him. He cannot give up his search or forget her. His ultimate sacrifice is being willing to experience what she did, in a wild hope that somehow this will bring her to him.

Rex's passion for Saskia captures me. He remembers every detail about Saskia. He can still retrace her steps on that last day. He can't give her up, she is part of him. I feel the same about you. Each detail is important, the look in your eyes is something I can never forget. And I will never abandon you, I love you that much.

4 stars

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