Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Remains of the Day

Stevens is a butler. First his father served Lord Darlington and now he does. Many years of his service were spent with Miss Kenton, the housekeeper. The story is set towards the end of Stevens' life as he reflects on his former master and the romantic feelings between himself and Miss Kenton, which neither ever acted upon. Stevens loyalty to the house and Lord prevented him from pursuing Miss Kenton. Now years later he reminisces, driving to a meeting with her. However, his heart still lies with his service. He never tells her how he feels.

Girl, here is guy who is loyal. But I wanted him to be loyal to Miss Kenton. I liked this book, however, it kept me on the edge of frustration as I wanted him to pursue her. He can't separate himself from his service. He moves closer to her throughout the book, but he can't break convention. I wanted him to tell her how he felt. He had every means to pursue her and yet doesn't. He had every chance to move his commitment to her and still be everything he needed to be. I am torn by him. He lets her leave.

I couldn't let you go like that. I wish sometimes I could let you feel my commitment to you. My soul is bound so tight to yours.

4 stars

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