Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Silver Metal Lover

Jane lives in a world where the ultimate robots have been created. Silver skinned, amazing in mental and physical skills, she takes one into her life, a robot called Silver. A minstrel, he sings to her and loves her in a more and more human way. Her passion grows for him, despite their differences and the unconventional nature of their relationship they make a total commitment, one to the other. Their culture is not as kind, creating a tension as they seek to stay together and follow their romance in every way they are able. Some try to convince Jane that Silver cannot love her, but no one can show the difference between him and anything human.

Girl, this book intrigued me. It raises the questions of the nature of love and its relationships. I was with Jane the entire book. I believed in Silver. I could understand how their love grew for each other and how they committed despite the opposition of those around them. When I read a book like this, it makes me more intense in my feelings for you, because I can relate. I never find myself feeling less for you, only more. And the longer I know you, the stronger that hold. I believe so fully in you and just as Silver sought to know Jane completely, I want to know you.

4 stars

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