Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wise Woman

Rosamund is a spoiled girl, until the wise woman whisks her away to her cottage and begins to teach her how a young princess should really be. Through the Woman's magic, she trades places with Agnes, a shepherdess who suffers from the same selfish attitudes as Rosamund. Each girl learns how her emotions and self-centeredness binds her. Their only freedom will be found in overcoming themselves through the wisdom of the woman who can bring them to that change.

There is a gentle magic in this story, Girl. Two girls so different and yet so much the same, and the wise woman knows just how to twist and change them to the good. I like how the wise woman almost floats through the story, never knowing how she will be. You have this wonderful ethical center in your childrens books. They speak with a creative spirit that I find often in you. You are your own unique wise woman and every Rosamund and Agnes you touch is never the same.

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