Thursday, July 22, 2010


Aicha's family moves to Denmark, where she is hoping to continue in her studies in kung fu. Her father opposes this, coming from a conservative Muslim background, resisting because she would train with boys. Aicha secretly continues, working with a native boy who doesn't understand her culture, while confronting a fighter from her own. Her family's traditions, standing, and future are all put on the line by her pursuit of what she loves.

Babe, one of the things I loved about this movie is the perspective is from a girl. The focus isn't on the fighting, but her passions. The uneasy romance, the tension between family and kung fun, the voices of culture, teacher, and siblings all pulling her into many directions.

The conflict is felt by everyone is someone, thus the movie touches inside. Aicha's struggle is our own...pushed and pulled, determining whether we will give in to or stand up to what we fight.